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the penniless parent making priceless memories

My Experiences

The Penniless Parent is a personal blog and a resource for all parents looking to raise their children to be happy little souls with a zest for adventure and enthusiasm for life.  To me, that is what being a parent is about but for the first few years of parenthood the trials of life got in the way and I found myself working in the NHS, paying out all I earned in salary to childcare and I asked myself, for what? To have someone else raise my kids?  

In February 2018 I left the NHS and embarked on life as a stay-at-home mum.  My partner, the children's father worked away from home providing for me and the kids, keeping the roof over our heads and food on the table.  Everything we spent had a consequence.  Bills were being missed, the washing was piling up and the kids were driving me up the wall!. I began free blog writing as a way of boosting morale.  The more I shared with people about how I was feeling, the less alone I felt and I soon realised that watching the pennies was something that all my friends were doing to varying degrees, rich or poor, it didn't seem to matter, once you became a parent it was less about spending money and more about getting value for money.  

I have since focused the blog on reviewing places, services, products and past-times that create memorable moments in their childhood without emptying the bank, so that as adults absent of a financial nest-egg they will have a head full of happy memories and positive experiences in which to reflect on and forge their own way with confidence.

Neighbours playing rounders in the park

My Community

The journey of parenthood has shaped the life I live now and the people I see regularly are ones that share in the belief that kids don't need expensive toys and holidays, they need attention.  

My aim is to create a free blog and a resource that is full of money-savvy things to do with the kids and that is simple to access and easy to use.  I am especially keen on hearing about things that are a little bit off the wall or different such as night-time bug hunts when camping or a neighbourhood rounders game in the local park. 

2 little girls cheering with joy on a summers day

Join My Journey

I love it when friends share with me a day out that they enjoyed or money-saving hack they discovered and with their permission I share these on the free blog always under the anonymous cover of The Penniless Parent.  

If you know of somewhere I don't and want to tell the world feel free to write a review and send it to me with any pictures you care to share.  If you're not a keen writer simply drop me a message and tell me where it is and I'll add it to my diary as one to explore!  

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