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About Us


Mother with 2 daughters watching a film at home on the sofa

I started blogging in August 2018 through a Facebook Page as a online diary and gallery to remember our adventures, it kept me busy whilst the girls' father worked long hours away from home.  In September 2018 I found myself a full-time single mum of 2.  The adventure then really began as I made it my goal to ensure the children grow up with the best memories and experiences without bankrupting myself in the process!


Little girl sat on a table carving a giant pumpkin

Isabella is the inspiration behind the Penniless Parent, a gentle soul with a zest for life and a paternal gratitude for every opportunity she is offered.  Isabella is happiest when exploring the great outdoors with me and rarely says no to a new adventure.  

At 6 years old Isabella is developing an awareness of what mummy is doing and is thrilled to be featured on this webpage.  When not on one of our adventures she spends down-time zombified watching YouTube clips of strangers opening toys and doing crafts therefore is super-excited to be in-front of the camera on our Homework Fun page.


Little girl with coat on smiling in the fresh air outside

Since coming along in early 2017 this little rascal has turned our world upside down in the best possible way.  The absolute opposite to her placid, kind hearted big sister, Rosie is a firecracker and if something is too hot/too cold/too big/too small we all know about it!  I have been filled with empathy for those poor parents (myself included) who have truly experienced life with the terrible-twos, but she has given me a more-experienced parenting perspective from which to write and for that I am grateful.

Having said that and with all the bias in the world Rosie is the cutest tot and as her speech develops i'm sure she will feature more on this site.