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Piñatas & Party Crafts

A homemade unicorn pinata

I love a good party and always want to exceed expectations when Birthdays come around.  Click here to find parent crafts to make you little one's next birthday one to remember.   

Halloween Crafts

A scary face carved into a giant pumpkin

Halloween is fast becoming a favourite time of year in our household especially after 2018 when Isabella got to stay up late and make thrifty crafts and decorations with me. Click here to see what we did and make your own.

Easter Crafts

A baby and a little girl cuddling easter chick teddies whilst sleeping

Every year we take part in the National Trust's Easter Egg Hunt with a difference, as parents we take it in turns to create an bring Easter gift boxes for the kids.  Click here to see my efforts and the reactions they got in my blog posts.

Christmas Crafts

Elf on the shelf and another of Santa's elves getting up to mischief with toilet roll and toothpaste

As a penniless parent Christmas is a daunting time of year,  Click here to see tips on how to spoilt your little one's rotten using simple parent crafts without overspending.  

Culinary Crafts & Cakes

Jars of homemade Blackberry jam, decorated with stickers.

This section is filled with culinary crafts that are simple enough to allow your little one to get involved. Click here to see how we make meals more memorable in our blog.

Clothier Crafts

Pretty floral homemade skirt hung on a mirror

I love the thought of being able to knock up a quick outfit whether it's for fancy dress, a school leaver's ball or simply to save money.  Click here to see some of the clothier parent crafts that Penniless Parents have done, from virgin knitter to praised seamstress there'll be something for you.