North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Homework Fun

Isabella loves doing youTube Videos for mummy's blog.  Here she is doing Year 1 Maths (two times table) with conkers we collected on our last outdoor adventure.

Penniless Parenting

When they're old and i'm ancient i'm going to love looking back at these youTube Videos.  Here's Isabella walking the neighbours dog, Sabre. See the blog for the write up of why we think walking the neighbour's dog makes priceless memories.

I couldn't resist a doing a post about Rosie and link to her own youTube videos when waiting for the eldest to finish her swimming lesson I found the youngest hiding in a locker in the changing room! She could do her own blog with the mischief she gets up to!

Toddler Sing-a-longs

Rosie bumping along on the Big Red Tractor at Farmer Copley's, Featherstone, West Yorkshire. Look out for a review on the things to do at Farmer Copley's on the blog.